Suppose you were governor of Michigan and you really truly hated public education. Suppose you thought of public schools not as a beloved community institution, but as a government monopoly that must be smashed. Suppose you believe that the free market always knows best.

Suppose further that your earnest desire to get rid of public education was blocked by the state constitution.

Why, you would do exactly what Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is doing. You would have some of your top aides work with a reactionary “think tank” and come up with bold ideas to circumvent the state constitution.

You would say the project was private, and not subject to state open meetings laws. You would hope to rush the new ideas into law while your party controls the legislature.

Does it smell bad? Dors it smell like a skunk? So what. Call the project Skunk Works to mock your powerless critics.

Democratic procedures? That’s for chumps.