Matt DiCarlo here describes a paper that shows how utterly arbitrary NCLB is.

Some states look good.

Some states look very bad.

But the states that look bad may actually be outperforming the states that look good..

When will our policymakers acknowledge that NCLB is a harmful, destructive law that has wreaked havoc on American education?

Where Matt and I part company is this observation he concludes with: “…accountability systems can play a productive role in education, but this analysis demonstrates very clearly that, when it comes to the design and implementation of these systems, details matter. Seemingly trivial choices can have drastic effects on measured outcomes.”

No, accountability systems are not likely to play a productive number in education. NCLB is a disaster. Race to the Top is a double disaster.

Who will be held “accountable” for low test scores? Teachers? Students? Principals? Schools? Superintendents? Local school boards? Legislators? Governors? The U,S. Department of Education? Congress?