The Republican Party is divided about the Common Core standards.

The Republican National Committee has come out in opposition to the Common Core, calling it “an inappropriate overreach to standardize and control” education. Senator Charles Grassley wants to defund the Common Core.

But Jeb Bush is one the loudest cheerleaders for the Common Core. When his sidekick Tony Bennett lost the state superintendent job in Indiana, In part because of Tea Party opposition to Common Core, Jeb Bush made sure he landed on his feet as state commissioner in Florida.

Now Jeb has declared in TIME that David Coleman, the architect of the Common Core, is one of the world’s 100 most influential people. Jeb adores the Common Core. So do the high-tech corporations that back Jeb’s Foundation for Educational Excellence.

The Republicans will have to duke this out over the next few years. Do they support federal control or local control? State standards or federal standards?

And we will all wait to see how the Common Core drama plays out? Will all children be college and career ready because of the Common Core? Will it close gaps or make them wider?