Dennis Walcott and other city and state officials in New York announced that they expect test scores to fall by 30% this year because of the switch to the Common Core.

They keep saying, almost too gleefully, how hard the test is. (Reader, remember that the test is “hard” only because state officials decided to raise the passing mark.)

Walcott said, “It’s time to rip the Band-Aid off, and we have a responsibility to rip that Band-aid off.”

Readers, I have been trying to figure out what that statement means.

Clearly, the chancellor thought it was profound so he said it twice.

What is the Band-aid?

What wound is it protecting?

Why is it good to rip it off?

Doesn’t it inflict pain when you do that?

Why would the chancellor want to inflict pain on so many children?

I welcome your deconstruction of this deep exclamation.