District officials say they are closing schools to save money, but experience has shown that the savings seldom occur. They claim the schools are under-utilized even as they open charters to compete with the public schools for which the officials are responsible. The officials help the charters to grow and simultaneously harm the public schools. They are negligent in their duty to the children and to the public. They should be held accountable for their failure to promote, preserve, and support a democratic institution entrusted to their care. It is the school officials who have failed, not the schools.

A reader sends this. Please read it:

“Testimony from Kate Shaw Executive Director of Research for Action along with their issue brief on schools closings, detailing the impacts of school closings that district officials often neglect to take into account:

1) On the short-term financial savings, district officials often neglect to account for transition cost, maintaining and selling properties, etc which cut into the savings and sometimes come at a cost to the district.

2) Savings from school closures come primarily from large-scale cuts in faculty not from not having to heat “half-empty buildings. ”

3) The most important is that there are short-term negative impacts on students’ academic achievement, unless they are put in higher performing schools which is rarely the case.

Additionally students often feel a sense of neglect while districts fail to prepare the receiving school for the influx on new students.

Testimony: http://bit.ly/13yICRV
Issue Brief on Schools Closings: http://bit.ly/13CAUuN