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March 27, 2013

Let the Senate Education Committee Know You Oppose SB 1263!

SB 1263 by Senator Larry Taylor is the “Parent Trigger” bill.

The “Parent Trigger” Is About Destroying Public Schools, Not Saving Them

SB 1263 radically undermines efforts to turn around a struggling school and may be voted out of committee Thursday (tomorrow) if we don’t act now.

We already have a parent trigger.

Texas’ current parent trigger law operates only after the Commissioner has reconstituted the campus, developed an intervention plan, and the campus has remained academically unacceptable for three years. SB 1263 blows up a campus for two years of academically unacceptable performance before any of the proven methods of intervention have been tried.

Historically, interests outside our school districts and even our state are the ones pushing for parent triggers. This is no exception.

SB 1263 undermines the authority of elected school boards: SB 1263 undermines the authority of locally elected school boards. While the statute allows the school board to petition the Commissioner to take a different action, it only he says he “may” order the action requested by the elected school board.

SB 1263 is brought by well-heeled national advocacy organizations, not parents. Many of the same groups pushing for school vouchers and other means of privatization are pushing this legislation.

Let the Senate Education Committee know you oppose SB 1263 by Taylor today.

Contact these legislators:

Dan Patrick, Chairman
(512) 463-0107

Eddie Lucio, Jr, Vice-Chair
(512) 463-0127

Donna Campbell
(512) 463-0125

Robert Duncan
(512) 463-0128

Ken Paxton
(512) 463-0108

Kel Seliger
(512) 463-0131

Larry Taylor
(512) 463-0111

Leticia Van de Putte
(512) 463-0126

Royce West
(512) 463-0123

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