Jersey Jazzman reports that Governor Christie has decided to take control of the Camden school district.

Camden is the fourth school district in the state to be taken over.

Paterson, Newark, and Jersey City are already controlled by the state.

JJ writes:

“Let’s be clear: Paterson has been under state control for 24 years, Jersey City for 22 years, and Newark for 18 years. Golly, what do you think all these places have in common?”

He shows in a graph that these districts have very few white students. So what’s the goal?

And so the plan is clear: take over the schools, starting where there aren’t many white kidsStarve them of funds, then declare them “failures,” and install your cronies. Thetakeover of Camden’s schools has been in the works ever since California billionaire Eli Broad installed his puppets into the NJDOE. Tomorrow is simply the culmination of a long-term plan.”

What has been the result of these state takeovers? From the point of view of the students, nada.

Again, quoting JJ’s powerful post:

“If anyone has any evidence that disenfranchising local citizens and local parents leads to better school outcomes, please let me know, so I can debunk it as a load of crapNo school district ever got better by taking the local community out of its decision-making process. It’s shameful that Chris Christie, a tool of the ruling class, dares to tell the parents of Camden that he knows better than they do what needs to be done for their children.”

Look at it this way. Instead of closing a school here or there, or a dozen or two dozen schools, the governor simply seizes the whole district. It is his to play with. Some democracy.