Helen Gym of Parents United for Public Education in Philadelphia writes here:


Dear Friends:
On the day of the SRC vote to close down a historic and unprecedented number of schools, I’m hoping you’ll join (or send your support for) PCAPs, Parents United, the PFT and others in a large rally at 440 at 4 p.m. today. The school closings are just the tip of the iceberg in what we expect will be both a rapid and massive spiral of disinvestment (even more so than before) in our public schools and in our neighborhoods and communities. If you read the teachers contract proposal,you know that this will impact every single classroom, teacher and student, whether you’re in the poorest of schools, the most overcrowded, magnet schools or struggling neighborhood high school.
I wrote in the Notebook today, that the problems facing Philadelphia public schools have as much to do with a lack of vision for public schools today as it does with resources. What do we do with not only dramatically smaller populations, but also dramatically altered populations? Parents United and others have long touted alternative visions that engage communities and re-invest around schools as community anchors. No matter the results of today’s vote, we want history to remember that there were people standing up for a different vision of public education that has yet to be realized.
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As always, I appreciate any thoughts, opinions, feedback and shares. Thanks!

Helen Gym
Parents United for Public Education