The Los Angeles Times reports two late donations to the campaign to elect a board that supports privatization.

The California Charter Schools Association put up $300,000.

Rupert Murdoch’s News America Corporation added $250,000.

The charter association anticipates increased numbers of privately managed charters with no supervision.

The Murdoch corporation has financial involvement through its subsidiary run by Joel Klein, who previously gave $25,000.

Los Angeles already has more charters than any other city in the nation. School board member Steve Zimmer had the temerity to propose that the board develop a policy for oversight of charters before creating new ones. Zimmer enraged the charter lobby, which wants no oversight and no moratorium.

Zimmer, who started his career in Teach for America and remained in the public schools as a career teacher, is in his first term. He is known as a moderate who is independent, belonging to no bloc.

The billionaires don’t want independents on the L.A. School board. They want people who will support more charters, more onerous teacher evaluations, more high-stakes testing, more closing of public schools.

With Mayor Bloomberg’s time in office coming to an end, and the possibility that his reforms will be tossed out by the next mayor, the corporate reformers don’t want to risk losing control of Los Angeles.

Crain’s NY ran an unscientific poll asking “which of Mayor Bloomberg’s policies should the next mayor abandon first?” There were five choices. More than 60% of respondents picked “education” as the first Bloomberg policy to be eliminated by the next mayor. Quinniapiac University ran a scientific poll asking New Yorkers what they thought of mayoral control. Only 18% want to see the mayor in charge of the public schools.

So now the next battle to take over the public schools shifts to Los Angeles.