Yesterday, the GOP legislature in Alabama rushed through legislation for tax credits without letting anyone outside their caucus debate or review the bill. This is what you need to know about tax credits and who really benefits. StudentsFirst rushed to applaud this program to benefit the few at the expense of the many, proving that Michelle Rhee deserved her title as a (rightwing) Radical.

Valerie Strauss reviews the various tuition tax credit programs, which are spreading as a form of school choice.

Unfortunately, in some of these states, the tax credits go to wealthy corporations and individuals and in some cases, subsidize private school tuition for families that can afford to pay for it without public help.

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According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, there were 14 tuition tax credit programs in 11 states as of last fall, and there are now bills in some legislatures to expand to other states, such as in Mississippi. Virginia passed one last year, and a tax credit program in Georgia that “won” an award for being exceedingly wasteful may be expanded.

In some places they are structured to get around state constitutional prohibitions against using public dollars for religious schools. And in many instances, the schools that qualify to accept vouchers aren’t regulated and teach things we know aren’t true, such the creationist notion that humans co-existed with dinosaurs. Many also are not required to administer standardized tests that public schools are required to give for accountability purposes. And in Georgia, as this New York Times story reported, a popular tax credit program is allowing the use of public money to be used for tuition at more than 100 private schools that refuse to enroll gay, lesbian or bisexual students.