Julian Vasquez Heilig of the University of Texas is one of our greatest debunkers of educational miracles. And what good timing, because Jeb Bush was in town to tout the Florida miracle, where (he says) test scores went up as costs went down. It’s all a matter of more testing, more accountability, vouchers, charters, and lots of new technology (to replace teachers).

Seems kind of strange to come to Texas to sell the virtues of testing, at a time when Texans have grown sick of testing.

Yes, Florida’s fourth grade students got higher test scores, but the longer they stay in school in Florida, the worse their performance. Sounds amazingly like No Child Left Behind, and we know how that worked.

So please, if Jeb is coming to your state to sell the miracle. Or if someone else is urging your state to copy the Florida model, read Vasquez Heilig first.