Many people signed a petition calling on the Indiana legislature not to dilute the powers of newly elected state superintendent Glenda Ritz.

This just in:

“Both of the bills mentioned in this petition, HB1309 and HB1251, died in the legislature! As did a few others that diminished the power and job of the elected Supt. of Public Instruction and/or the DOE – some without a hearing. HB1342 DID get a committee hearing. IFT presented more than 2800 petition signatures to Chairman Behning during the hearing supporting Supt. Ritz. HB1342 was NOT called for a second floor reading.


I think not. This is a direct result of your work on this issue. Thank you all for signing this petition and organizing on behalf of public educators and the public education system.

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Thanks again for your support and your hard work.

This message is from Indiana Federation of Teachers who started the petition “Indiana General Assembly: Stop the attempts to dilute the authority of Supt. Glenda Ritz’s office.,” which you signed on”

BUT: a reader cautions not to celebrate yet. She says, “Not dead just not in the original bills. As long as Ed bill are still moving they are alive.”