Tom Pauken has written a fascinating and informative article about how Texas became the leader of the testing movement and how testing became an instrument to destroy local control.

Pauken is a prominent Republican. He just concluded a term on the Texas Workforce Commission.

He became an outspoken opponent of the testing regime, as he saw that it was bad for students and bad for the workforce.

The only beneficiary of the testing obsession seems to be the testing company Pearson, which won a contract from the Texas legislature for nearly $500 million at the same time that the legislators were cutting $5.4 billion from the schools.

It is heartening that some wise heads in the Texas Republican party are beginning to push back against high-stakes testing because Republicans control the state.

Pauken is still in a minority but he has an important voice. He is a former chairman of the state party.

His fellow Republicans should listen to him and stop the high-stakes testing that has produced so few gains in the past twenty years and done so much to undermine education quality.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting to get different results makes no sense.