I am reposting this because the first version had a typo in the title. I wrote NOW instead of NOT, changing the meaning.

So here is the correct version!


A reader wrote to ask a question. Are there any states that have resisted the tidal wave of bad ideas? It is impossible to avoid high-stakes testing because it was imposed first by No Child Left Behind and then reinforced by Race to the Top.

Are there ANY states now that are not voucherizing and privatizing, doing high stakes standardized testing, institutiting abusive evaluations, refusing to use Teach for America and generally giving the schools over to the amateurs? I am thinking about on a state level. I am sure there are some schools and even systems that are hanging tough. Where are teachers respected in America? If there are any could you make a post that tells us where. Of course it might create a mass immigration to those states, but that might also shock the idiots out of their collective comas. A few years ago the other southeastern states were losing teachers to Georgia because Zell Miller raised the pay by 15%. The rest groused loudly, but had to raise their pay to compete. So apparently this kind of thing works.