A reader in California writes:

Charter Schools in California tend to cream out poor performing students with learning disabilities. As a rule, Charter schools are unprepared or trained for special needs students. In fact, they will collect money to educate special needs children and put the funds in their regular payroll.
There is no oversight with Charter Schools, a good example is this audit of the Magnolia Science Academies that had blatantly not documented teacher or student health care, or kept a reserve fund.

Charter Schools such as Magnolia have no oversight on advertising or false claims of “award winning” Just because a school says they win awards look a little deeper, as those awards might be sponsored by the NGOs that feed into and from the schools as the Gulen Movement does. In California the schools were originally started by the Dialogue Foundation, (this is the name on the original application in San Diego) it has since been changed to Pacifica Institute, Willow Educaton, Magnolia Education Foundation and now the new Gulen operated schools in California are being opened as Pacific Technology Schools. Some of their contests are: Turkish Olympiad, Science Olympiad, CONSEF, Math Matters, Math Counts, I-Sweep and more.

Having no oversight on government funds gives special foreign interest groups like the Gulen Movement a license to steal.

I have had some of their ex students in my class room, and they are trained parrots who mimic sentences or formulas but in theory have no comprehensive idea what they are talking about. Mimic teachers who don’t have a good command of the English language is plain unacceptable. Learning to dance and speak Turkish are hardly anything worth mentioning on a college admission test.