A reader thought about privatization and offered these thoughts:

“Pride in our School.” The idea behind this comes from the community spirit/commitment necessary to sustain public schools. Call it the social contract. In my small, rural northern California community, two threats to the success (dare I say existence) of traditional public education are: No Child Left Behind (“NCLB”) and charter schools/school choice. Fortunately, NCLB is not long for this world.

My message: send your kids to your local/closest public school, not a charter; second, if you think a charter school or out-of-district school is a good idea, at least try your local public school first. Investigate your local school by meeting with administration, staff, teachers, and elected school board trustees. Please carefully consider the benefits of sharing your little blessing(s) (your child/children), along your your own hopes, dreams, and invaluable energy with your community (school). It’s a win-win!

Sending kids to the local public school allows parents and their children to learn about their very own community in the deepest and most intimate ways possible. It’s similar to attending church, except 5 days a week instead of one day a week — for those who even attend church. Our children are our ambassadors. They pull us from our other duties and onto the schools grounds, playgrounds, and the playing fields of our towns. This is how my family has come to know so many others in our community. This daily contact in the midst of the push-me-pull-you, hustle-bustle world we live in is a blessing we share, and one that is being threatened by school choice, among other things.