I am pleased to add Michael A. Rossi, Jr., of Madison, New Jersey, to the honor roll as a hero of public education

Superintendent has served long and faithfully in the public schools. He is proud of his district. He is a career educator. He is a leader.

He is a hero for speaking out forcefully and publicly about he insane overload of “reforms” piled on the schools all at the same time: the new evaluations, the a common Core, the new assessments, just to name a few. Superintendent Rossi calls it “a train wreck.” He is right.

No organization can absorb so many untried changes of course, so many unproven experiments, without crashing.

At a certain point, one must wonder–as I do–whether the multitude of new tasks is intended to break the school system, to induce havoc, and to bring it to a halt. When state and federal leaders create chaos, Are they doing it to encourage parents to flee their community schools? Is this another way to promote the privatization they admire?