D.C. Chancellor Kaya Henderson is set to decide how many public schools to close.

A D.C. teacher and blogger reviews the shifting rationales for closing public schools.

A public school closes if enrollment falls below 350. But more than 70% of charter schools have less than 350 students, and some have less than 50 students, and they are not on the chopping block. Why the double standard?

She writes:

“There are many parents who are attracted to charter schools precisely because of their small size. They feel that not only is it safer, but that their children will be in a school where they will get more individualized attention. Since all of the schools on the proposed closure list have a large percentage of high needs students, doesn’t it make sense that these schools remain small learning environments that can offer class sizes of 12 to 15 students? This would not only attract families, it would dramatically improve the teachers’ ability to effectively address the needs of all students.”