A reader in Connecticut links to Jonathan Pelto’s report of spending by wealthy supporters of corporate reform in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in their failed attempt to persuade voters to abandon their elected school board. The voters said no.

“Did you see this yet? Over a half a million spent by corporate “education reformers” to persuade voters to support mayoral control in Bridgeport, CT.

“They lost but what a waste of money and they say it is all for the kids.

“Imagine how many books could be added to the libraries? More social workers? Smaller class sizes? What a waste of money!

“The final reports from Bridgeport’s November 2012 education reform referendum are in and it turns out that the corporate education reform industry and its supporters spent at least $562,955.16 in their effort to pass Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch’s anti-democracy initiative, a proposal that would have eliminated the City’s democratically elected board of education and replaced it with one appointed by the mayor.

So many wealthy people and corporations so very concerned about the children in Bridgeport, really?