Will Rahm Emanuel go down in Chicago history as the mayor who destroyed public education? Will he take his vengeance on the Chicago Teachers Union by closing 100-140 public schools while opening charters? How will history judge him?

A reader sends this comment:

We are feeling the pain DC is facing in Chicago as well.

In Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools board is seeking to close up to 140 schools. The educators, clinicians, paraprofessionals, parents and community members are speaking out about this.

Even today, educators handed out information about school closings at different train stops across the city.

And unfortunately, we are seeing these school closings occur primarily in African American neighborhoods.

People are speaking about this and there its even a petition on the White House website that was established by a community member that resides in one of the neighborhoods that will be hit hard by these school closings.

It is at https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-education-policies-promote-massive-closing-traditional-public-schools-while-expanding-charter/7N4DRln5….please sign and share.