A reader offers this comment, responding to the Washington Post article about the incredibly high expulsion rate from DC charter schools:

Bad kids need education too. The Good kids still in Public Non-Charter schools need education too. I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that it seems highly unlikely that you have a dog in either fight. I don’t either as I am here in Detroit area where they are doing the opposite, setting up a shadow state wide system to warehouse the “Worst and the Dumbest” as a separate but unequal system entirety in the name of reform but in reality to speed up privatization of for profit schools, to make big bucks for the future owners who are polishing up their computerized learning systems so they can eliminate educated teachers and replace them with Armed Security guards as part of the fast track “School to Prison” train. I bet you think this is some wild conspiracy theory. Sadly, it is not and if you search “EAA” and “Michigan Schools” you will see that it is true.