A reader responded to my roundup of the good news of 2012 and chided me for not mentioning the courage of teachers in Hawai’i, who have stood up and spoken up for their profession. And then I received this comment from a teacher in Hawai’i:

Aloha! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou — 2013! Thanks for a terrific blog, Diane! As well as being an Inspiration! Remember… you’re always welcome to come visit, speak, stay with us in Hawai’i ! What started out as a one-school grass-roots Hawaii-Teachers-Work-To-The-Rules Protest in mid-November grew to a every-Thursday Statewide-effort involving nearly 100 schools by mid-December… and though we resisted the (tremendous!) temptation to rally/protest/bring-national-attention-to-our-woes during President Obama’s Christmastime-visit (out of repect for his precious Family’s privacy), the movement is already gearing up again in earnest! Keep your eyes peeled for news of the enormous Statewide Rally for Teachers (and their myriad Supporters!) planned for Thursday, January 17th at the Hawai’i State Legislature…. or…. hmmm… better yet? Come Join Us!https://www.facebook.com/CampbellWorkTheRulesProtest

How I wish I could join them!