A retired teacher in Louisiana saw this on Facebook and sent it to me. She did notknow who wrote it. I thought it was beautiful.
I separated the lines without changing a word and it read like a poem. It has been tweeted and retweeted more than 200 times.

To parents who are not educators, this may be hard to understand.
Five days a week, we teach your kids.
That means we educate your kids.
Play with your kids.
Discipline your kids.
Joke with your kids.
Console your kids.
Praise your kids.
Question your kids.
Beat our head against a wall about your kids.
Laugh with your kids.
Worry about your kids.
Keep an eye on your kids.
Learn about your kids.
Invest in your kids.
Protect your kids and yes, love your kids.


It’s nowhere in our job description.
It isn’t covered in the employee handbook.
It isn’t cited in our contracts.
But we would all do it.
So, yes, please hug your kids tonight, really, really tight.
But on Monday, if you see your kids’ teacher, please hug them too.