>I am a brand new teacher, four months of the job at this point. I like all first year teachers am still trying to figure things out and won’t fully do that for a few years. I did a four year undergraduate degree in which I spent time in a classroom since my sophmore year, and spent my entire senior year in an elementary school setting.

Tragedies like this have happened in my life time that I can remember, but Friday was a completely different feeling now that I have a class of 20 third graders. It has been on my mind since I have heard about it.

To attack teachers or call children assets is absurd at any time, but especially at a time like this.

These corporate reformers say they care about kids, but do they really?

I happened to be at a district PD, in which our presenter happened to spend time doing DRA training in Sandy Hook. I sat in a room with parents and teachers of all experience levels when we heard the news. Tears came from all of us. Our PD ended early and I thankfully forgot something at school.

I could have waited till I go in on Sundays to get it, but I just wanted to see my students and make sure they were ok. So I went back I quickly checked in with the sub and got a few hugs from my kiddos.

Mine were ok. I wish I could say the same thing about those from Newton.

I work in a title I building and so many of our kids do not get the services they need, we must do something about this as a society. We are better than this as a country.

I tell my kids frequently that they are safe in our classroom. Monday morning I will tell them that I care about them and love coming to school to teach them everyday, but its going to be hard to honestly say you are safe when they all live in a neighborhood with frequent shootings.