Dear Diane,

It has been wonderful reading all those reflections from your readers. Thank you so much for offering such a space for social dialogue.

In “America’s Teachers: Heroes or Greedy Moochers at the Public Trough?” (, Dave Lindorff quotes a man demonizing public school teachers “in an attitude all too typical of many Americans’ thinking” and questions:

“Some of those ‘non-revenue-generating’ unionized teachers, and the school’s non-revenue-generating principal, just died defending those kids. I wonder if their tax-obsessed critics would have done the same?”

Reading this article made me think of how important it is to build teaching profession that celebrates teachers who think of teaching as their life work… rather than a simple stepping stone for their career. The message of those brave Sandy Hook teachers is clear: “We will never leave you and always fight for you.”

What kind of teachers do we want as a society?

Daiyu Suzuki
Doctoral student, Teachers College
Co-founder of Edu4