Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal gained a valuable national platform at the Brookings Institution in Washington, where he explained that vouchers were the path to excellent education for all.

Of course, he didn’t use the V word. Like all Republicans pushing a stealth agenda, he calls them “opportunity scholarships.”

Here is a video of his presentation, and Valerie Strauss’s discussion of the “alternate universe” in which Governor Jindal lives.

Under his program, children in Louisiana may attend religious schools where they are taught creationism and learn that dinosaurs and people lived at the same time and that God created the world in only six days. They can attend little fundamentalist schools that will use DVDs to instruct them and will use religious textbooks to learn about math, history and science form a religious perspective.

This will prepare Louisiana for the nineteenth century. And create an excellent education for all, or so says Governor Jindal.

Will the Brookings Institution also provide a national platform for a governor with a 21st century perspective?