As Pennsylvania gears up for the next gubernatorial election, Governor Corbett’s spokesperson says the governor is proud of his education record. He claims that he has raised state spending on education to its highest levels.

Not so fast.

This Pennsylvania blogger says that Corbett cut nearly $1 billion from the public school budget last year, and flat funded the schools this year, leaving the cuts intact.

She writes: “A quick look at our schools tells the real story, as our students are without beloved teachers and librarians, and are now missing arts education, language, science, gifted and special education programs, tutoring, summer school, Kindergarten, sports, transportation, and more. That is Corbett’s real record.”

The first opponent in the race promised to restore the budget cuts and to oppose vouchers, while he pledged to “honor and encourage Pennsylvania’s teachers, for an excellent education begins with excellent teachers and with the amount of time spent learning.” He noted that, “Verbally beating and attacking teachers is now common in some quarters and is incredibly destructive to attracting top talent to teaching and improving education.”

Maybe a new wind is blowing in Pennsylvania? The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.