One of the bloggers I admire most is G.F. Brandenburg. Compared to me, he is a veteran blogger. He has been chronicling the foibles of “reform” since 2009. His blog revealed that Michelle Rhee’s claims of having been a miracle teacher were bogus. He has followed her career since she left D.C.; do a search on his site and you will discover an interesting number of blogs about inflated claims in D.C.

I don’t know Brandenburg but I do know he is a retired math teacher, which means he insists on evidence. Assertions and spin and bold promises don’t make it past his rigorous scrutiny. He demands honesty and transparency.

So I am happy to say that this morning, he advised his readers to follow this blog. That means I passed his test. That’s harder than the SAT or the ACT or PISA.

Thank you, Mr. Brandenburg.