This teacher is responding to the post by the North Carolina teacher who quit his job rather than submit to unprofessional mandates and politically motivated directives:

I am a 13 year teacher who recently left the United States (Georgia) to come teach overseas.. I don’t know if I can ever go back to the USA and teach in public schools again for the very same reasons that the author of this blog wrote about.

I swear I came this close to a heart attack my last year teaching in Georgia.

I have already talked to my husband about when I do go back home to Georgia how I do not want to teach in the same type of atmosphere, and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. I would not survive it.

Education has become a business run by those who have never set foot in a classroom. No discipline in schools, teach the test, ever changing polices and curriculum teachers can’t keep up with, mind numbing professional developments that are a complete waste of time and pull us away from our jobs of being teachers, continued budget cuts (but money for crazy crap purchased from “educational consultants”). It’s not about educating students or what is in their best interests. It is all about what is on paper, stats, and satisfying a federal govt checklist.. That’s it. The reality doesn’t matter at all anymore.