This post was written by a young teacher in New York City. A law school graduate, she teaches special education in the Bronx in one of he city’s poorest neighborhoods. She requested anonymity, for obvious reasons.

She asks: Is it worse to be called a bitch (by a student) or to be treated like one (by politicians and bureaucrats)?

She is what The New Teacher Project would call an “irreplaceable.” When the New York City Department of Education released the names and ratings of thousands of teachers earlier this year, she was rated 99%. She was not at all happy. She wrote a protest against the whole rating system (which organizations like TNTP love). She knew that this year she might be on top, and next year at the bottom. And she knew that many of her colleagues with low ratings were hardworking teachers who did not deserve to be humiliated. When people wrote to congratulate her, she thanked them and said the ratings meant nothing.

Her new post expresses her outrage towards the system and the politicians who shortchange teachers and students.

She asks, Why do teachers have to buy their own supplies? Why must they beg or borrow the most basic resources?

She understands why a student may call her names, but why does society?