Tonight the director/producer of “Brooklyn Castle”–Katie Dellamaggiore–will be a guest on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central. One of the stars of the film, Pobo Efekoro will join her.

The documentary is about an amazing middle-school chess team in an inner-city school in Brooklyn that wins one title after another in national championships.

If “Waiting for Superman” and “Won’t Back Down” left a bad taste, see this film. It will remind you of how wonderful our students, our teachers, and our public schools can be.

And it shows dedicated parents and the pain of budget cuts to a fine program.

This is a feel-good film, and nothing in it is make-believe.

Find a hedge-fund manager or a high-tech executive or a foundation leader and insist that they watch with you.

See the trailer at the website here:


BROOKLYN CASTLE is now playing at the following theaters:

• New York, NY (Elinor Bunin Film Center – Lincoln Center)

• New York, NY (Landmark Sunshine)

• Los Angeles, CA (The Landmark)

• Pasadena, CA (Pasadena Playhouse)

• Encino, CA (Laemmle Playhouse)

• Irvine, CA (University Town Center)

• Chicago, IL (Landmark Century)

• Washington, DC (Landmark E Street)

• Portland, OR (Fox Tower)

• Atlanta, GA (Tara 4)

• Minneapolis, MN (Landmark Edina)

• Cleveland, OH (Cedar Lee Theatre)

• Austin, TX (Arbor 8)

• Charlotte, NC (Park Terrace)

• Denver, CO (Chez Artiste)

(check local theaters as today is the last day in a few of them)

BROOKLYN CASTLE opens tomorrow at the following theaters:

• Hollywood, CA (Chinese Theatre)

• Claremont, CA (Laemmle Claremont 5)

• Santa Monica, CA (Laemmle Monica 4)
• Las Vegas, NV (Regal Village Square)
• Knoxville, TN (Downtown West Cinema 8)

• Charlottesville, VA (Regal Downtown Mall 6)

• Seattle, WA (Harvard Exit Theatre)

Next week the film is scheduled to open in Boston, Philadelphia and more cities.
Updates on the theatrical release schedule will be posted here: