When I printed the post by Kris L. Neilsen explaining why he quit his teaching job in North Carolina, I had no idea what the reaction would be.

It went viral.

Kris’s post has been read–to this point–by more than 130,000 people. It has been retweeted more than 800 times.

Previously, the post that had the largest readership was “I am a teacher. Let me teach,” read by 4,000 people.

For Kris’s post, more than 130,000 page views.


I have only been blogging for six months, so maybe others have experienced posts that took off like a rocket.

This one was a meteor.

Every time I check, the numbers have soared yet again.

Kris captured the rage and frustration that many teachers feel.

He is sick of the disrespect.

He is tired of being micromanaged by people who know nothing about education.

He is fed up with the directives and mandates.

He wants to be treated as a professional.

He wants to exercise autonomy and judgment, as professionals should.

He wants to do what is best for his students, not comply with federal or state or local mandates.

Many others have written to say that Kris expressed their own feelings.

His story illustrates the sickness of what is now absurdly called “reform.”

It is nothing of the sort.

It is micromanagement by bureaucrats and politicians.

It will not improve education.

It sets up schools for failure and it demoralizes dedicated teachers.

The sooner the public understands what these people in Washington and in the state capitols are doing to the public schools, the sooner it will end.

Our job: Inform the public. Get the word out. Be strong.

But don’t quit. Be there when the madness collapses.

It will.