Mayor Bloomberg told President Obama not to visit NYC because he would be a distraction.

But he has given approval to the annual NYC marathon, which attracts thousands of runners from around the world and requires hundreds of police to supervise.

The borough president of Manhattan Scott Stringer has called for the cancellation of the marathon.

Justin Wedes of Occupy Wall Street has an even better idea. How about directing the energy of he runners to bring relief supplies to the communities that are suffering?

This is the message Justin sent on the NYC Parent website to Scott Stringer:

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer calls on Mayor Bloomberg to cancel the #NYCMarathon

Patrick — our hurricane relief coalition is interested in working with orgs/the city to develop an alternative Sandy Marathon of relief support that will visit most affected neighborhoods and get support/aid to them. Could you put me in touch with any interested parties?


Justin Wedes
Educator & Activist
Co-principal, Paul Robeson Freedom School

Twitter: @FreedomSchoolBK