Zack Koppelin is a hero of public education.

Zack is the first student to join the honor roll.

Zack is 17 years old. He opposes the use of public funds for voucher schools that teach creationism.

He is outspoken. He is fearless. He is smart. He is courageous.

He is a model for the adults who wring their hands and say, “what can we do?”

While Governor Bobby Jindal has been coddling the fundamentalists, Zack has stood up to them.

Jindal is prepared to destroy not only public education, but science education.

Zack says the Governor is wrong.

If every state had 100 students like Zack Koppelin, our nation would be a different place.

Here is today’s press release about his latest activism:

October 25, 2012

Zack Kopplin
Zack Kopplin, evolution activist to appear before the Louisiana State Board of Education to urge reforms to Louisiana’s creationist school voucher program.
Who: Louisiana State Board of Education and Zack Kopplin
What: Per the request of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the Louisiana State Board of Education will allow public comment on Louisiana’s tuition voucher program.  Science advocate Zack Kopplin will urge the removal of 20 schools he identified that are teaching creationism in the program.
When: Today, Thursday, October 25, 2012 AT 2:00 PM
Where: Louisiana Department of Education, Claiborne Building, Louisiana Purchase Room
The meeting will be streaming online at
Testimony, video, and background material are available upon request.