Memo to Hollywood: The American public will not pay to see a movie that demonizes teachers’ unions and public schools, while touting the glories of privatization.

“Won’t Back Down” was supposed to be the movie of the year. It had nonstop promotion by NBC’s Education Nation, big-name stars, a stint on Ellen’s show, and a glitzy opening at the New York Public Library.

What was the result?

The movie opened to the worst box-office of any film in wide distribution in thirty years (in 2,504 theaters).

Most theaters dropped it after its poor opening weekend, but it hung on in 513 movie theaters.

Last weekend, the film had box-office receipts of $138,709.

This averages out to $270 per theater, barely enough to pay the ticket-seller.

But the film won’t die.

It will now be shown for free wherever an audience can be gathered to sell the idea that parents should seize their public school and give it to a charter operator. At last report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was planning free screenings across the nation. Now the U.S. Chamber of Commerce can claim to be part of the new “civil rights” movement, the one that wants to privatize your public schools. It is only fitting for the Chamber to join the “civil rights” movement of our day, since they missed the last one.