If you have friends in Washington State, call them and tell them to vote no on 1240.

Friends don’t let friends fall for propaganda campaigns funded by billionaires.

Friends don’t let friends be fooled into voting to privatize public education.

Friends don’t let friends give their public schools away to Wall Street and entrepreneurs.

Tell them what is at stake.

A reader writes with an update:

Right now the charter school polling in WA is showing 49% for, 30% against, and 21% undecided. Unfortunately our state union is focusing on the governor’s race rather than 1240, even though the outcome of 1240 will have more impact on public ed than the outcome of the governor’s race (legislature is a Dem majority and pretty likely to stay that way, so even if the gov is a GOP, he’s not going to get much done), so not much is being done against 1240 from a state union perspective. The group that has come out against charters is this one: http://peopleforourpublicschools.org/index.html

The charter school supporters try to play up the failing schools meme, even though WA continues to have among the highest SAT score rates in the country – and the percentage of minority populations taking the SAT is continually increasing – and too many people don’t check the facts. 1240 is particularly scary because it includes the parent trigger and unelected oversight boards. Here’s hoping the 21% undecided vote no and we can vote down charters for the 4th time – and maybe then Stand For Children, DFER and all those other fake education advocacy groups who really just want to make $$ off privatization will leave us alone and we can focus on solving the problems in our existing PUBLIC schools rather than adding publicly-funded private charters to the mix.