A reader reacted to an earlier post about TFA by noting how upset the media are about an inexperienced referee. She sees an important parallel:

Isn’t it ironic that the news stations and many fans are more upset about a second-rate referee making a bad call in a football game, but they are not so worried about untrained, novice TFA teachers practicing on our kids for 180+ days and then ditching the profession?

No wonder the teaching profession is doomed.

Will the politicians and corporate reformers be working to dismantle the referees’ union as fiercely as they are the teachers’ union?

It gets even better: Governor Scott Walker says it is time to bring back the referees’ union so there will be competent referees on the field.

Why is it more important to have experienced referees in NFL football games than to have experienced teachers in our nation’s classrooms? Why is it okay for referees to have a union but not teachers? Is sports more important to the future of our nation than education?