No Child Left Behind is widely considered a disaster.

The law mandated that 100% of all students would be proficient, as measured by the standards in each state, by 2014. We now know that no state will meet that requirement. Schools have been closed all over the nation because of this idiotic law. Principals and teachers who were doing their best to meet unrealistic expectations, were fired.

NCLB is the Death Star of American education.

When Secretary Arne Duncan offered waivers from the 2014 deadline, most states asked for them, knowing that they would never meet the law’s deadline.

But NCLB still has one stalwart supporter, one diehard fan who will never say die. She will defend NCLB no matter how many schools die. That is Margaret Spellings, who was one of the law’s architects; she served as Secretary of Education in the George W. Bush administration, following Rod Paige.

She believes. She will never waver. There is no evidence that will ever persuade her that she was wrong.