A reader asks whether we have lost our minds.


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The links above take you to draft Connecticut documents relating to CCSS for preschoolers. The introduction states that the adoption of CCSS for K-12 “has naturally led to questions regarding standards for preschool and/or prekindergarten students.” The next section talks about a work group that has been charged with the task of creating comprehensive learning standards for birth to age 5.

Yes, the CCSS and these documents have “naturally led to questions” in my mind. Here are some of them: Are you crazy? Have you ever spent a full day with a toddler? How about with a room full of toddlers? Has your life experience not taught you that children are not little robots that all develop the same skills at the same time? What are all of the wonderful memories you cherish from your own childhood? I’ll bet those memories are about things like books and blocks and crayons and swings. Are any of those precious memories about being assessed?