A researcher in Louisiana notes that John White and his fellow advocates for vouchers were overjoyed by the latest study by voucher advocate Paul Peterson of Harvard and Matthew Chingos of the Brookings Institution.

Here, they hoped, was proof that the Louisiana voucher program would boost college enrollment rates for African American students!

But, Noel Hammatt of Baton Rouge points out that they ignored some inconvenient facts.

The voucher-receiving group of black students had a 24% increase in college enrollment, but the voucher-not-receiving group had a 20% increase in college enrollment.  Hmm. Not so amazing, after all.

And the African American students in the study, in comparison to Hispanic students, were more likely to be children of college-educated parents and only children.

Overall, the study found NO significant effects. (See my own post here.)

But this what happens when politicians politicize research and researchers give them ammunition to do it.