Jamie Vollmer is the author of the famous Blueberry Story. He was working for an ice cream company that won recognition for making the best ice cream in America. Buoyed by success, he would go to conferences and decry the sorry state of American education, based on what he knew of business.

One day, when speaking to a group of teachers, someone asked him what his company would do if he got a shipment of damaged blueberries. He promptly replied that the shipment would be thrown away. The teacher responded, we don’t throw away any of our blueberries, we take them all.

Vollmer had a transformational experience, an epiphany. And he became a champion of public education.

Here he discusses what he calls “notesia.” Nostegia is a combination of nostalgia and amnesia. Please send this link to every reformer you know. Send it to editorial writers and business leaders. Send it to Arne Duncan. Send it to Condi Rice. Let it go viral.