My children went to a school where the kindergarten had a doll corner, a sandbox, a place to build a city with blocks and toys, and lots of other play stations.

Their teachers believed that play is children’s work.

I might add that they became skilled readers and writers and have productive lives.

There is no reason to banish childhood.

Exploration and curiosity come naturally to children. They want to know. They want to figure things out.

They will do it unless some misguided adult demands that they stop playing and fooling around.

Let children play and imagine.

It builds their brains and their sense of wonder at the same time.

A retired kindergarten teacher writes:

As a retired Kindergarten teacher, I feel so sad for these Kindergartens of today and the future. No toys… learning how to share and play with others. No dress-up corner….no learning how to role-model acceptable grown-up behavior. No recess… gross motor movement and no learning acceptable social behavior and teamwork. Will there be music and dance to stimulate the brain and body movement? Will there be art for creative expression and to develop thinking patterns and processes? Will there be puzzles for spatial recognition and improving math cognizance? Will there be free choice to wander and wonder into the ‘magic’ of science centers, math centers, word centers, listening centers, etc. I could go on and on but I am getting depressed. I LOVED my days in Kindergarten and knowing that I was giving my children the gift of loving school and learning. Today’s teachers will have their hands tied to ‘testing’ and ‘results’ and ‘academics’ (whatever that is!). I mentor student educators now and I ask them to please speak up for what is right in their classroom… an activist and stand tall for your children and their learning environment! I hope we can turn this around soon!!