Yesterday I wrote a brief summary of the situation in the Adelanto school district in California, the only district where the so-called “parent trigger” has made any headway. The reader is correct: no vote was ever taken. It was a bad choice of words on my part.

This reader comments.

Your post is inaccurate. They didn’t vote. No one ever voted.A handful of parents worked with Parent Revolution, an organization with no ties to Adelanto.There were no public hearings or news stories before the petitions were circulated. There was no public discussion about what was in the petitions nor were requests/demands made of the school board for changes before the petition drive began.

Two petitions were created and circulated. One asked for changes, one asked for Parent Trigger. Multiple people have stated they only signed the Parent Trigger petition because they were told it was a backup, a lever, for the other petition, which would be presented first. That’s not how it happened, and that is the reason for people withdrawing their signatures.

Ironically, it’s possible that many of the signatures are from people whose children are no longer enrolled in the school. What if the new parents want something different? What if the community wants something different? What if the community was happy with their elected school board and would have liked to work through that?

Oh no. Far better to take the school governance out of the hands of the community altogether, and indefinitely if not forever.

I don’t think that’s really parent empowerment, not in any way.