The only school in the nation ever to vote to invoke the state “parent trigger” law is in Adelanto, California. [CORRECTION: As a commenter noted, no vote was ever taken; there was no public discussion or public hearings.]

Parent Revolution, the organization funded by Gates, Walton and Broad to promote the trigger has been funding the fight in Adelanto.

It helped dissident parents form a union, organize a petition drive, collect signatures, and push for a charter school. [CORRECTION: Two petitions were circulated, one for improvement, the other for a charter; only the latter was presented to the board.]

When the school board resisted the idea of turning the school into a charter, some of those who signed the petition tried to remove their names.

It turned out that they wanted the school to be improved, not turned over to a charter.

Parent Revolution went to court and the judge declared that parents were not allowed to take their name off the petition, so it seemed that a charter was in the offing.

But the school board just decided that it was too late to turn the school into a charter–it is late August–and the board  has come up with a plan to overhaul the school.

Parent Revolution is outraged, and will probably take the board to court again.

What happens next?