Let’s set goals for the future. Everyone needs goals.

If other fields were like education, we would not only set unrealistic goals, but Congress would mandate punishments for those who do not meet them.

A reader suggests these:

We need to focus on the same kinds of ridiculous and unfair expectations to show how asinine they really are.

All doctors will achieve 100% cure rate by 2025!

All dentists will end tooth decay by 2015!

All judges will achieve a 100% fairness score by 2020! No wrongful convictions allowed!

All lawyers will achieve 100% wins in their cases by 2030!

All clergy persons will achieve a record of 0% divorces in the marriages they perform by 2015!

All CEOs will achieve a 25% profit for their shareholders every year starting today!

All manufacturers will sell nothing but 100% successful merchandise that is 100% failsafe, foolproof, and unbreakable by 2025!

All fishermen will achieve a 100% catch rate every time they go fishing!

All athletes will achieve 100% wins starting in 2015!

All parents will raise 100% successful children that graduate from Ivy League schools by 2030!

All politicians will achieve a record of 100% success in passing all legislation they put forward and receive 100% of the vote in order to be elected!

I could go on. These are all things that research shows would benefit our society immensely. Let’s get to work on perfection for all!