This teacher is sick of the people who bully and harass him; sick of those who interfere in his work but could never do it themselves; sick of the know-it-alls who are ruining his profession:

I am in my 44th year as a teacher. I have taught from Prep to Grade 12, but mostly in Primary school and Special Education. I can fully sympathise with the teacher who retired early after 20 years and I have been doing what Vance is doing, for most of my 44 years.Teaching is about children. Each child is unique and each standardised test is an attack upon that uniqueness. There is no such thing as a “normal ” child. The children I taught in the class for those with “intellectual disability” were certainly not “normal children”. Each child had his/her own unique set of abilities and interests. Each had a unique set of educational needs and a unique set of pre school life and experience making him/her the person that he/she was.I am sick of education in general and teachers in particular being deprofessionalised, bullied and harassed by people who have no idea what they would do if they were put before a class; people who have no idea how to teach a child to read from scratch and no idea how to assess a child’s wealth of knowledge, skills and attitudes, and cognitive readiness to move on to the next level.It wasn’t always like this. This is not to say that at some time in the past we experienced a golden age of education. It is just to say that in the hands of bean counters and politicians, education has descended to the sorry state it is in today. And the perpetrators have the unmitigated gall to blame it on the teachers.