According to the state of Pennsylvania, the Hazleton Area High School is a low performing school.

One day its staff may be fired and the school may be closed and replaced by privately managed charter schools, or who knows, its students may be sent to register for online homeschooling.

But a Pennsylvania reader says that a member of the Mars rover team is a graduate of this high school. What gives?


PSSA testing in Pennsylvania

Dr. Jill Tombasco Seubert is a 2001 graduate from Hazleton Area High School, a school just designated by Pennsylvania as a low performing school. She was part of the team that just landed the Mars Curiosity rover. Can such a “bad” school (according to the test) produce such a brilliant scientist? Here’s a quote from the article:

“The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has the world’s best track record in deep space exploration, but everything about this landing event was more difficult and had never been demonstrated in spaceflight before. No matter how confident we were that the mission would succeed, we still partook in the traditional ‘good luck peanuts,'” the 2001 Hazleton Area High School graduate wrote in an email to the Standard-Speaker.

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