A very interesting report by Maureen Downey on her blog in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution about a school in Washington D.C.  that will try to raise its low test scores–fast–by turning the kids over to online instruction for half the day. The discussion about the glories of online learning was marred by technical glitches and miscommunication, but no matter.

The best line in the story came from a D.C. public school teacher who knows the school in question well and writes:

Kramer has some students with severe and unaddressed behavioral problems, a significant group (four classes and 1 Emotionally Disturbed) of Intellectually Challenged students, along with a high percent of special needs students (about 35%) that have been formally identified.

I’m willing to venture 10-15% of unidentified students would also qualify. Too bad the class sizes for these kids were larger than what should have been under DCPS guidelines, Blackmon consent, and the WTU contract. With that said, these kids need individual and human instruction and interaction, not a computer.

But, hey, why ask teachers what kids need? What do they know?