Joy Resmovits of the Huffington Post is quickly becoming established as among the very best education journalists in the nation.

She is thoughtful, clear, and gathers the facts judiciously.

In this article, she shows the immense damage done to children by budget cuts.

Budget cuts invariably mean laying off teachers, since teachers’ salaries are a big expense item.

Every time teachers are laid off, class sizes increase.

When class sizes increase, the remaining teachers have less time to help children who have difficulty learning, and less time for individual teaching.

The children who need help the most will suffer the most.

As states and cities “save” money by cutting the budget of schools and increasing class size, they guarantee far larger costs in the future as students arrive in the next grade in need of remediation and suffer the consequences of the cuts imposed now.

If our country doesn’t meet these issues with courage and intelligence, we will pay the bill for decades to come.

Cutting the budget for schools is the wrong way to deal with austerity.

It is time for “revenue enhancement,” the euphemism for taxes, levied on those who can best afford to pay them.