Dave Reid is an engineer who decided to become a public school teacher after a career of 25 years in the high-tech sector.

He has been blogging about his experiences as a new teacher of math in California.

He sent this comment to add to our discussion of whether five weeks of training is enough to be considered a “highly qualified teacher.”

As a new, second career teacher, I find it amazing that the adverb “highly” is prepended to “qualified” for any teacher with less than ten (10) years experience. What profession designates its rookies and junior staff with the same descriptor as if they were on par with veterans and experts in the field?While I believe select alternate certification programs can be advantageous for second career professionals, and in times where supply cannot meet demand, programs like TFA can help bridge the gap, but blindly believing that youthful passion will save the day is naive, and anointing them “highly qualified” is absurd.I wrote about these descriptors in early 2011 in the following posts.Highly Qualified” Interns – a Mendacious Misnomer:http://mathequality.wordpress.com/2011/01/18/mendacious-misnomer/)Dashboard Delusions – The ED’s Ineffective Measure of Effectiveness:http://mathequality.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/dashboard-delusions/Dave